The SEC Enforcement Division issued its annual report outlining its priorities for the coming year and reviewing enforcement actions from the 2018 fiscal year. The Commission brought a total of 821 enforcement actions, including 490 stand-alone actions, and imposed disgorgement and penalties totaling more than $3.945 billion.  Cases concerning investment advisory issues, securities offerings, and issuer reporting / accounting and auditing collectively comprised 63 percent of the Commission’s 490 stand-alone cases.  Additionally, actions initiated by the Commission related to market manipulation, insider trading, and broker-dealer misconduct each comprised approximately 10 percent of the total.  The Commission noted that its priorities include retail-investor-specific initiatives such as the Share Class Selection Disclosure Initiative—a self-reporting initiative designed to quickly return money to investors harmed by failures to disclose conflicts of interests with respect to the selection of mutual fund share classes—as well as its focus on misconduct involving initial coin offerings and digital assets.

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