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CFTC v. The Tulving Company, Inc. and Hannes Tulving, Jr. (W.D.N.C. Nov. 29, 2018, Consent Order)

The U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina entered a supplemental consent order against Defendants, an individual and his precious metals company, for alleged fraudulent solicitation of customers for precious metals transactions, misappropriation of customer funds, and false statements about purported transactions.  The Court’s supplemental order requires Defendants to pay, jointly and severally, a civil penalty of $15,761,432.  The supplemental consent order followed the Court’s consent order of permanent injunction and its
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CFTC v. Pishon Holdings, LLC, et al. (W.D. Wash. Dec. 27, 2018, Default Judgment Order)

Action against Defendants, a husband, wife, and their futures trading company, for alleged misappropriation and fraud.  According to the CFTC, Defendants solicited investor funds based on misrepresentations about the amount of money they managed, prior investment success, the structure of trading fees, and Defendant husband’s prior fraud conviction.  The CFTC also alleges that Defendants misappropriated investor funds for personal expenses.  The court entered a default judgment requiring Defendants to pay, jointly and severally, restitution of
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